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Our team of passionate auto detailers has you (and your car) covered. We offer professional auto detailing & paint correction services in Calgary. Allow us to take care of the nitty-gritty, so you can focus on cruising in style. 


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This mobile auto detailing crew is second to none! They took their time cleaning my vehicle, and it was worth the wait. I didn't know that my car could look this shiny again. As a matter of fact, it looks better than when I bought it used from the dealer. Best service in town, I highly recommend 👌

These guys are hands down the best auto-detailing service in town. They washed our owner's car with very good attention to detail. They are very affordable. Intact Courier is planning to send our fleets their way and use them as our primary detailing and car washing company. Really appreciate the solid service you guys have done for our owner! Thank you wash my ride.

Melanie Jacober

My husband got me a car detailing for Mother's Day. I had not done any cleaning or had any detailing done on my car in over 4 years. By the time Mostafa was done, my car looked brand new. It was sparkling clean and he even took extra time to make sure he got all of the dog hair out of the backseat. I would recommend Wash My Ride hands down!!!

Car Detailing Calgary SE

We take auto detailing in Calgary to the next level at Wash my ride. Each Wash & Polish is done through our advanced machine polishing process and ensures that we:

  • Get the shine back on your wheels, tires, and wheel wells. 

  • Safely remove embedded contaminants (brake dust and debris) with our clay bar treatment.

  • Bring back your car’s deep gloss with high-end machine polishing

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Interior Reset

Your car should look as good on the inside as it does on the outside. Revamp your vehicle and allow us to do deep clean your car! Our Interior Reset includes:

  • Garbage removal

  • Full vacuum

  • Stain removal

  • Full disinfection

  • Full seat clean and condition 

  • UV Protection applied on plastics

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We provide the following mobile Auto detailing services:

Car cleaning and more.

Paint Correction Calgary

Have you noticed your car looking dull, beat up, or worn out recently? Chances are, you could benefit from a paint correction service! We offer multiple power polishing services:

  • A proper hand wash

  • Clay bar and an Iron X treatment

  • Pick a paint correction service:

    • One Step:  50%-75% Defect removal

    • Two-Step: 85% Defect removal

    • Three Step: 98% Defect removal

  • Apply premium paint protection 

  • Shine wheels & tires

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We also provide other car cleaning services in Calgary

interior auto detailing service
Exterior car detailing service

A proper hand wash process will safely remove dust, dirt, and debris to minimize the risk of micro-scratching. This is an essential auto detailing service to keep your car's shine and gloss.

Just looking for a quick touch-up? A simple, but thorough cleaning of the interior will remove the light layer of dust and debris.

Auto Detailing For The Long Run

We value building long-lasting relationships with our clients. Regular car cleaning ensures that your car is well-maintained for longer. 

How It Works?

Mobile car detailing in three easy steps

Passionate auto detailers that love car detailing in calgary

Schedule your car detailing in Calgary online today!  Our professional detailing team is always ready to help and can schedule a time that best fits you with a few easy clicks.

Leave the rest up to us! We will come to you and get straight to work. All we need is enough space on private property and dry weather.

you’re set!

We will detail and restore all the surfaces to the best of our ability. The result is a vehicle in the cleanest condition possible.


We pride ourselves on taking care of every detail, leaving it fresh, clean, and well-maintained. Have any questions about our car detailing in Calgary? We’d love to chat! Contact us below.