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Elevate Your Ride's Aesthetics

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Why Detailing Your Motorcycle Matters?

Motorcycle detailing extends beyond aesthetics, safeguarding longevity, boosting performance, and maintaining value. It embodies rider pride and deepens the bond with the bike. Wash My Ride’s detailing services are tailored to protect and highlight your motorcycle's true spirit, ensuring it reflects your riding passion

Motorcycle Engine Detailing in Calgary
H2 Motorcycle Detailing
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Our Services: Tailored to Perfection

Our motorcycle detailing services at Wash My Ride are customized to enhance and protect your bike, covering everything from deep cleaning and protective coatings to chrome polishing and leather conditioning. Designed with every rider and motorcycle in mind, our offerings ensure your bike looks great and remains in top condition.

H2 Motorcycle Detailing
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Why Choose Wash My Ride?

Choose Wash My Ride for unmatched motorcycle detailing, where our seasoned professionals, meticulous care, high-quality materials, and a shared enthusiasm for bikes converge to offer bespoke detailing plans. Our approach ensures each motorcycle receives individualized attention, resulting in unparalleled aesthetic and protective outcomes that echo your riding devotion.

Motorcycle Detailing Calgary

Packages & Pricing

entry-level detail

Remove saddle bags & seats

Two-bucket hand wash

Bugs removal

Wheels degreased

Tires shined

Spray wax

Leather wiped

Starting from $199

Season Ready Detail


Machine wax

Leather cleaned & conditioned

Trim restoration

Chrome Polish

Tar removal

Tree sap removal

Starting from $399

Ceramic Coating


4 Year Ceramic coating

1 Year Ceramic coating on leather

1 Year Ceramic coating on trim

Starting from $699

Motorcycle Detailing in Calgary

Embarking on the journey of motorcycle ownership is more than a means of transport; it's an embrace of a lifestyle that values freedom, adventure, and the sheer joy of the open road.

At Wash My Ride, we resonate with the spirit of motorcycle enthusiasts who see their bikes not just as machines, but as reflections of their identity and passion. Recognizing this, our "Motorcycle Detailing in Calgary" service is meticulously designed for those who demand the utmost care for their beloved rides.

Our expertise in motorcycle detailing goes beyond mere cleaning, delving into the art of preserving and accentuating the unique character of each motorcycle. Whether it's the rugged charm of a vintage classic or the sleek allure of a modern speedster, we understand that every bike tells a story.

Through our detailing services, we aim to enhance that narrative, ensuring your motorcycle not only shines but also resonates with the essence of who you are as a rider.

Join us in celebrating the bond between rider and machine, and let us elevate the condition of your motorcycle to match the pride you have for it.

Calgary Car Detailing

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