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Mobile Auto Detailing

Terms Of Service


Here at Wash My Ride, we take pride in paying close attention to detail, and we spend a great deal of effort making sure your vehicle is in perfect condition before completing a job. Therefore, some factors come into play when traveling between our clients. We will now be setting up our appointments to arrive within a one-hour time slot. This is to ensure that if any unforeseen circumstances arise, we will guarantee our arrival between the scheduled time slot and, of course, at the earliest time possible.

Distance Traveled

Here at Wash My Ride, we take pride in serving our customers wherever and whenever we get the opportunity to do so. However, because our city is considerably large and needs extra time to travel from one end to the other, we had put in place a LONG DISTANCE travel policy. 

* Any service location located SOUTH OF HIGHWAY 8 (GLENMORE TRAIL) will be subject to an additional charge ($20).

Service Appointment

At this time, we are ONLY able to operate on private property, which means that we need access to your driveway, garage, or other PRIVATE parking areas to complete the job. We need to have your vehicle's doors open on both sides simultaneously. We will also need space for our van to be parked close by and room to unload our equipment. Our equipment and employees will need space to work safely and efficiently. 

We cannot complete jobs on the street as this is a safety concern and high traffic areas are unsuitable. However, exceptions may be made if your vehicle is parked in an area with a low level of traffic, like in a cul-de-sac. 

We bring our power supply, but we also require access to your water supply, and we do need access to a water spigot to complete the job. 


If you need to cancel your appointment, we respectfully request at least 24 hours' notice. Any cancelation or reschedule made in less than 24 hours will result in a cancelation fee (50% of the service fee).

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