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What is Paint Correction?

Professional car detailers carry out the “Paint correction” process to reduce and sometimes eliminate scratches, scuff marks, and swirls on the vehicle’s clear coat to produce optical clarity and mirror gloss. Our power polishing services involve the machine application of various professional-grade compounds, polish, and glaze.

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Why Chose Us?

Professional-quality paint enhancement results require a high level of skill and focus. The process can be timely but very rewarding. All types of paint are different, each affected by varying degrees. This is why it’s essential to choose an experienced paint correction specialist to inspect and treat your vehicle.

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Paint Correction Includes..

  • Wash wheels & wheel wells

  • Proper hand wash 

  • Clay bar paint treatment

  • Rinse off & dry

  • Inspect the paint with LED light

  • Perform a single or multi-stage paint correction

  • Remove remaining polish

  • Apply a layer of wax or sealant.

  • Apply tire dressing 

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What Sets Us Apart?

This process is the most labor-intensive and meticulous service that we offer. It is not a simple wash and polish that would only take a few hours. A proper paint correction job could take anywhere between 8 to 20 labor hours to complete. The time frame and the price are mostly dependent on the level of perfection you are after.

  • How long does it take to clean my interior?
    It depends on the size and condition of the vehicle. This process can take anywhere between 3.5 to 4.5 hours. Once we see the condition, we can give you a more accurate time range.
  • Will my car smell like strong chemicals afterwards?
    Absolutely not. We do not use any harsh chemicals and there will be zero trace of strong smelling chemicals. Untill this day, we’ve never had a customer mention anything about a chemical smell. We do have a few options for air freshners and we use a premium brand that will leave your car fresh and ready to impress.
  • What do you use in the cleaning process?
    We use safe bio-degradable cleaners, high pressure steam, a variety of brushes, and machines to thoroughly clean your interior. How we clean an interior is primarily based around the condition it is in and the type of material it is made of. Sometimes it just needs a quick cleaning with a brush, and other times it requires the steamer and extractor.
  • How long does it take for my carpets and seats to dry?
    If the weather is warm with low humidity, your vehicle will be 85% dry by the time we are done. If it’s cold or raining, then it’ll take longer for your interior to dry. Pro Tip: Keep your windows cracked open to prevent condensation on windows while the interior is drying.
  • Can you remove any type of stain?
    Some stains will come off better and easier than others. However, in most cases it depends on the stain type, the material it is on, and how long it has been sitting there. Even with experience and professional tools, we can only clean so much.
  • What if my car is not that dirty?
    If your vehicle has been detailed in the past 3 months, we recommend that you keep your vehicle clean and smelling great with our Interior Express package.
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