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The best way to perfect your paint finsh is to get our paint correction service. car detailing calgary

Paint Correction

Power Polishing Calgary

Wash My Ride is here to offer you a wide range of paint correction and car detailing services in Calgary.

(One, two and three step machine polishing)

*Power polishing is also referred to as "Paint correction" by industry professionals.

Have you ever looked at your car under the sun and noticed a lot of spider web-like swirl marks? Ever wondered if your paint will look as good as it did the first time you saw it? Tired of your car looking dull and faded? Do not fear, our gloss experts will restore your paint to better than new condition with our popular paint enhancement services. Whether your paint was scratched by dirty brushes at the carwash or oxidized from UV rays and our harsh elements , we are here to get the job done right! 

Before and after paint correction. auto detailers calgary

Professional car detailers carry out the “Paint correction” process to reduce and sometimes eliminate scratches, scuff marks, and swirls on the vehicle’s clear coat to produce optical clarity and mirror gloss. Our power polishing services involve the machine application of various professional-grade compounds, polish, and glaze.
Professional quality paint enhancement results require a high level of skill and focus. The process can be timely but very rewarding. All types of paint are different, with each affected by varying degrees. This is why it’s essential to choose an experienced paint correction specialist to inspect and treat your vehicle.

Paint correction calgary

Paint Correction Calgary

Paint Correction Package:

  • Wash wheels & wheel wells

  • Proper hand wash 

  • Clay bar paint treatment

  • Rinse off & dry

  • Inspect the paint with LED light

  • Perform a single or multi-stage paint correction

  • Remove remaining polish

  • Apply a layer of wax or sealant.

  • Apply tire dressing 

This process is the most labor intensive and meticulous service that we offer. It is by no means a simple wash and polish that would only take a few hours. A proper paint correction job could take anywhere between 8 to 20 labor hours to complete. The time frame and the price are mostly dependent on the level of perfection you are after (One step , two step or three step).

Pair this service with the Interior Reset Package to transform your vehicle back to perfect condition.

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