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Exterior car detailing calgary, hand car wash


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Why Exterior Detailing Matters?

In Calgary, where the elements can be harsh on your vehicle, maintaining the exterior of your car is essential. Our exterior detailing services are designed to not only enhance the beauty of your vehicle but also to protect it from environmental damage.

Exterior Auto Detailing
Exterior Auto Detailing
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Why Us:
Unmatched Quality and Care

We stand out in Calgary for our meticulous attention to detail, use of the highest quality materials, and advanced techniques. Our team is dedicated to delivering a service that goes beyond just cleaning – it's about preserving your car's value and appearance.

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Regular Detailing: Long-term Benefits

Regular detailing protects your vehicle from the elements, maintains its resale value, and ensures you always drive a car you're proud to own. Especially in Calgary's varied climate, it's an investment in your vehicle's longevity.

Explore Our Exterior Detailing Packages 

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Best Exterior car Detailing in Calgary

No need to suffer through an exterior detailing job that doesn't meet your standards. Our team of highly skilled professionals uses only top-quality cleaning products and tools for our premium service in Calgary SE, which makes us notable because we go step by step while also involving both hand wash or machine polishing at different stages depending on what is needed!

At our professional exterior detailing studio in Calgary, we are committed to making your car look as good from a distance as it does up close. We know that an impeccably cleaned and waxed vehicle can make all the difference when you need help remembering which way is forward!

The exterior of your car can make a huge impact on how much you enjoy driving it. If there are scratches or stubborn stains that won’t come off, don't delay getting our professional services done!

Exterior Auto Detailing Calgary
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Exterior Detailing Experts

To keep your car looking its best, you need a professional service for detailing in Calgary. Wash My Ride can make all the difference when caring for one’s vehicle and we have just that! Our experts are qualified to handle any make or model with expertise from washing exterior paintwork, so it shines again, to restoring shine through polishing the clear coat at high levels until the paintwork is butter soft.

Exterior Car Detailing Experts
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Our exterior detailing Procedure

Our exterior detailing procedure for our Exterior Reset package includes:

  • Wheels, tires, and wheel wells

  • Pre-soak to encapsulate the dirt

  • Rinse off the vehicle

  • Apply an iron remover

  • Apply snow foam 

  • Hand wash vehicle 

  • Clay bar the paint

  • Rinse-off and dry 

  • Inspect the paint

  • Machine polish the paint

  • Apply a layer of wax or sealant

  • Apply tire dressing

Calgary Car Detailing

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