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Mobile car detailing Edmonton

The best mobile car detailing in Edmonton.
we come to you!

Get the best mobile car detailing in Edmonton. With over 400   5-star Google reviews, experience the unrivaled quality of Wash My Ride today.

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Wash My RIde is the only Living wage certified car detailing employer in chestermere
5 star rated mobile car detailing service
Wash My Ride is an accredited mobile car detailing service provider
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Child and pet safe mobile auto detailing

Ditch the Edmonton traffic; we're bringing car detailing to your driveway.

Spare yourself from the shuttle rides and waiting around at auto detailing shops in Edmonton. Wash My Ride gets you your hours back with a smooth, at-home car sprucing-up experience.

Auto detailing Edmonton

Edmonton, meet steam detailing.

Edmonton car detailing

Why choose Wash My Ride for your mobile car detailing in Edmonton?

Professional Service.

We adhere to the best car detailing standards in the industry.

Satisfaction Guaranteed.

We stand behind our work - your 100% satisfaction is guaranteed.

Living Wage Certified.

Putting people before profits is what we do.

Handle Everything Online.

Easily book, reschedule, pay, and review with just a few taps.

Some of our happy car detailing customers in Edmonton...

Our hundreds of satisfied customers love the amazing results they get from Wash My Ride. Just listen to what some of them have to say:

Their auto detailing is second to none! They took their time cleaning my vehicle, and it was worth the wait. I didn't know that my car could look this shiny again. As a matter of fact, it looks better than when I bought it used from the dealer. Best service in town, I highly recommend 👌

Kristin Anderson

Tesla Owner

How does mobile car detailing in Edmonton work?

Step 1: book your car detailing online

Book Online

Check our live schedule for auto detailing in Edmonton and choose a date & time that's best for you.

Step 2: We come to you

We Come To You

Avoid queues, delays, and shuttles. Our auto detailers operate directly at your Edmonton driveway.

Step 3: Auto detailing done right

Job Done Right

Voila! Your car will regain its fresh and pristine condition without you having to leave your Edmonton home.

Step 4: Leave us a review

Your Feedback

Your feedback is pivotal to our success, and positive reviews bolster our reputation and fuel our growth.

Mobile car detailing in Airdrie

Experience unparalleled car detailing transformation in Edmonton.

Auto detailing service near me background

At Wash My Ride, we take immense pride in offering an exceptional interior car detailing service across the Edmonton area. We handle everything from steam cleaning, salt stain elimination, vacuuming, and shampooing, to conditioning leather and polishing your car's interior, striving to restore that 'like-new' feeling in your vehicle.


Given the fast-paced weather changes in Edmonton, your car can rapidly accumulate dirt, salt, and grime. That's why it's so crucial to have your car detailed by professionals like us to safeguard your vehicle's future resale value.

Mobile interior Auto Detailing Edmonton
Mobile car detailing Edmonton
Auto detailing service near me background

Exterior detailing from Wash My Ride is the perfect solution for busy people who want their cars to look great. We use the latest technology and equipment to get the job done right. Here is what we offer (Some exterior services are an extra charge): 

  • Hand wash and dry 

  • Clay bar treatment

  • Fall out removal

  • Hand wax

  • Wheel decontamination

  • Brake dust removal

  • Tree sap removal 

  • Tar and paint removal

  • Machine buffing & polishing (Paint correction)

Auto detailing service near me background

At Wash My Ride, our engine bay detailing service dives deep under the hood, giving your car's heart the care it deserves. This procedure involves an exhaustive cleaning process that ensures every nook and cranny within your engine bay is thoroughly cleaned, leaving it looking fresh and well-maintained.

But our detailing doesn't end at just cleaning. We also apply our exclusive protective solutions, helping to safeguard your engine against grime, dirt, and potential rust. Our objective here is not only to make your engine bay shine but also to enhance its longevity and overall performance.

Engine bay detailing Edmonton
Headlight restoration
Auto detailing service near me background
  • Boost Visibility: With our headlight restoration service, you can enjoy enhanced illumination that makes it easier for you to navigate and be noticed on the road.

  • Upgrade Aesthetics: Eliminate the unsightly yellow fog that diminishes your vehicle's overall look.

  • Elevate Resale Value: A spotless, well-kept vehicle invariably commands a higher price in the market.

  • Economize: Bypass the expense of replacing your entire headlight unit with our cost-efficient restoration service.

Auto detailing service near me background

At Wash My Ride, we elevate auto interior detailing with our leather ceramic coating add-on, which goes a step beyond your ordinary leather conditioner. Our process includes applying a specialized ceramic coating that provides a protective layer to your vehicle's leather interiors. This additional shielding safeguards your car's leather surfaces from regular wear and tear, helping to maintain their initial lush look and feel for a much longer period.

Our ceramic coating doesn't just offer protection; it also adds a rich, sophisticated shine to your vehicle's leather surfaces. This specialty service aims to enhance your car's interior aesthetics while offering lasting preservation of the leather quality.

Premium mobile leather ceramic coating service in Edmonton

Mobile Car Detailing Edmonton

Package Pricing

Interior ONly

Stand alone service

Deep vacuum

Scrub & steam center console

Scrub & steam panels

Scrub & steam seats

Wash & shine rubber mats

Shampoo fabric mats

Shampoo carpets & fabric seats

Clean buttons, vents, and gauge

Streak-free glass

Starting from $229

Engine Bay


Blow out loose dirt

Foam bath degreasing

Brush down engine bay 

Degrease and steam hood

Steam clean engine bay

Blow dry engine bay

Apply a protectant to plastics

Starting from $40

Headlight Restoration


Clean headlights

Mask surrounding areas

Remove chalky film

Apply polishing compound

Clean and dry

Apply a UV protectant

Starting from $75

Leather Coating


Ensures easy maintenance 

Minimal dust adhesion properties 

Reduced wear & tear

Ultimate UV protection

Great hydroponic properties

Stain resistant

Keeps the leather looking new

Prevent dye transfer

Starting from $149

Exterior Detail


2 Bucket wash

Hot wax

Wheel cleaning

Tire shine

Exterior glass

Starting from $69

* Prices subject to change based on size and condition. The price quoted at your location will be the final price.

Check out our mobile auto detailing work in Edmonton.

  • How long does it take to clean my interior?
    It depends on the size and condition of the vehicle. This process can take anywhere between 3.5 to 4.5 hours. Once we see the condition, we can give you a more accurate time range.
  • Will my car smell like strong chemicals afterwards?
    Absolutely not. We do not use any harsh chemicals and there will be zero trace of strong smelling chemicals. Untill this day, we’ve never had a customer mention anything about a chemical smell. We do have a few options for air freshners and we use a premium brand that will leave your car fresh and ready to impress.
  • What do you use in the cleaning process?
    We use safe bio-degradable cleaners, high pressure steam, a variety of brushes, and machines to thoroughly clean your interior. How we clean an interior is primarily based around the condition it is in and the type of material it is made of. Sometimes it just needs a quick cleaning with a brush, and other times it requires the steamer and extractor.
  • How long does it take for my carpets and seats to dry?
    If the weather is warm with low humidity, your vehicle will be 85% dry by the time we are done. If it’s cold or raining, then it’ll take longer for your interior to dry. Pro Tip: Keep your windows cracked open to prevent condensation on windows while the interior is drying.
  • Can you remove any type of stain?
    Some stains will come off better and easier than others. However, in most cases it depends on the stain type, the material it is on, and how long it has been sitting there. Even with experience and professional tools, we can only clean so much.
  • What if my car is not that dirty?
    If your vehicle has been detailed in the past 3 months, we recommend that you keep your vehicle clean and smelling great with our Interior Express package.
BMW car detailing

Experience Life in the Clean Lane

At Wash My Ride, we understand that life can be busy and hectic, leaving little time to keep your vehicle in shape. That's why our founder, Mostafa, a dedicated and passionate car enthusiast, decided to make it his mission to help busy individuals maintain a clean and well-maintained vehicle without the hassle of doing it themselves or going to detailing shops.

Wash My Ride has established itself as one of Edmonton's most reliable and trustworthy names in car care and detailing. As a fully licensed, insured, and bonded service provider, we have taken mobile car detailing in Edmonton to a whole new level. Our team of expert detailers, led by Ahmed, is committed to providing unparalleled service that consistently exceeds your expectations.

When you choose to Wash My Ride, you're not just choosing any car detailing service. You're choosing a company that genuinely cares about your vehicle and your satisfaction. Ahmed and his team take pride in their work, ensuring that every inch of your car is meticulously detailed both inside and out. With a variety of detailing packages to suit your specific needs, we make it easy for you to discover the Wash My Ride difference.

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