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Vehicle getting a ceramic coating in Calgary

Paint Protection Film Calgary

Calgary's Authorized Installer For XPEL PPF

You are very mistaken if you think you can cruise the streets of Calgary, Alberta, and forever avoid any road hazard or damaging effect. However, instead of primarily parking your vehicle and just sharing the occasional images of it sitting in your garage, invest in a self-healing Paint Protection Film that CAN keep it from sustaining unsightly defects with paint protection film from Wash My Ride!

If you've ever had the unfortunate luck of scratching your car with anything, from keys to leaves on a tree in the fall - XPEL paint protection film is what saves us! This transparent material is tension-tested enough so that even minor damages don't penetrate through. It stretches back into place when it needs to erase any significant damage done at first glance while also preserving our original factory finish, which can be costly if we want another color or pattern applied elsewhere around the vehicle.

Here at Wash My Ride, has certified XPEL Paint Protection Film installers that can help you recover from any damage quickly with their self-healing characteristics. Contact our PPF installation team today to learn more about these products and how we do clear bra installations!


The DuraSlic vehicle coatings are based on award-winning NanoSlic Ceramic Technology. The technology was initially developed to provide outstanding hydrophobic and oleophobic properties in abrasion-resistant coatings.

We have a variety of coatings for your car that are all designed to offer the best balance between protection and ease. DuraSlic provides an excellent level of protection and it's also easy for you because its ultra-smooth finish makes cleaning up after rain or snow simpler than ever!

Over the years, we have helped many clients keep their cars sparkling with the best protection, greatest durability, and dazzling finish to outshine the rest of Calgary.

Ceramic coatinf preparation

Ceramic Coating

Benefits Of Ceramic Coating

  • Extremely Durable - 7 years of ultimate protection

  • Versatile -  wheels, glass, rubber, plastics

  • Water repellent - hydrophobic properties 

  • Oil repellency - oleophobic properties

  • UV resistant 

  • Ultra smooth finish

  • Chemical resistance 

  • Ultra glossy finish

Our dedicated team of passionate car enthusiasts know the ins and outs of professional ceramic coating so well that your vehicle won’t know what hit it! Our clients come to us for a detailing business they can trust and stellar customer service to match. 

Pair this service with the  Interior Reset Package  to transform your vehicle to better than new condition.

Before we install the coating, the paint must first be properly prepped and corrected with an appropriate paint correction treatment. Applying ceramic coating without proper prep work will not adhere to the surface, resulting in premature coating failure.


We must consider certain variables during the preparation and application process. Calgary's weather is variable and regardless of whether the weather is hot, cold, humid, or a combination, it will impact how we install the coating.

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