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Paint Protection Film is the perfect choice for keeping your vehicle pristine while enjoying it on the streets of Calgary. It's self-healing urethane composition allows it to take minor scratches and scrapes without causing permanent damage. This means you won't have to worry about the inevitable minor dents, scratches, or other blemishes from everyday driving on our Calgary roads. 

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Protect with:
Paint Protection Film

To ensure that all areas exposed to potential hazards are covered, you can have Wash My Ride professionally install custom-cut paint protection film tailored specifically for your vehicle's contours. This way, you know that all areas susceptible to damage will remain shielded and look like new for years to come - giving you peace of mind when you take your ride out onto the roads of Calgary.


Ultimate Plus
Paint Protection Film Packages

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Our entry-level protection package features an invisible 3M PPF covering a 24" hood, 24" fenders, and mirrors. 

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Achieve additional protection with our Silver package and get everything in the bronze package, plus full bumper coverage. 

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Our most popular package. This includes everything in our Silver package, as well as the roofline and A-pillars. 

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3M Paint protection film full front service in calgary

Benefits of
Paint Protection Film

Paint Protection Film (PPF) is a transparent, thermoplastic urethane film applied to a vehicle's painted surfaces to protect the paint from damage caused by rocks, gravel, road debris, and bug splatter. This film helps keep the car looking showroom new and can be used on all exterior surfaces of a vehicle, such as hoods, bumpers, fenders, side mirrors, and doors. Here are some advantages of using PPF: 


 PPF provides an extra layer of protection for your car's finish, shielding it from rock chips and debris that could cause severe damage. The film is highly durable and can withstand impacts from stones without any visible damage to the car's paintwork. It helps protect against UV rays and fading from direct sunlight exposure. 


Once installed, PPF requires very little maintenance and won't need much cleaning since dirt usually does not stick due to its smooth surface finish. Additionally, applying waxes or sealants won't be necessary to protect the paint, but if desired, they can still be used to give a glossy shine!


PPF can be custom cut for each specific vehicle's shape, allowing for maximum coverage to protect vulnerable areas on a car, such as the hood, bumper, or side mirrors. The film also has unique customization options, such as gloss or stealth finishes, that simultaneously give your car a unique look while protecting it! 


XPEL’s warranty is one of the best in the industry, offering a comprehensive 10-year guarantee on their ULTIMATE PLUS. This long-term coverage ensures your vehicle’s PPF remains pristine for years. XPEL has employed advanced techniques and engineering to ensure their PPF will resist yellowing, cracking, and fading. 


Installing PPF may cost more upfront than doing nothing, but it could save you money in the long run since you won't have to spend time or money replacing damaged paint due to road debris or harsh elements like sun fading over time. So by investing in this protective film now, you could avoid spending hundreds or thousands later on due to repairs! 

XPEL Ultimate Plus PPF gloss levels are designed to provide maximum protection to your vehicle's paint. This clear protective film provides superior gloss that is indistinguishable from the factory paint finish, providing an extremely slick, glossy finish and considered to be  the most durable automotive finishes available.

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Here is why we love XPEL:

  • XPEL's DAP: "Design Access Platform" is the leading PPF cutting pattern software.

  • DAP eliminates the need for manual cutting.

  • XPEL's PPF is virtually invisible when installed

  • 10 Years Manufacturers Warranty 

  • Self-healing when heated or left outside on a sunny day.

  • Scratch, stain, and rock chip protection

  • XPEL PPF provides excellent UV protection and doesn't bubble, crack, fade and doesn't turn yellow.

  • XPEL has the largest dealer network with excellent after-support

Post-Installation care 

XPEL Ultimate Plus is a high-performance, self-healing paint protection film that protects your vehicle's finish from scratches, chips, and everyday wear and tear. Caring for XPEL Ultimate Plus is simple: regular washing and waxing will ensure that it retains it's original gloss and clarity. Here are some steps you can follow to take care of your paint protection film: 


Wash & Wax

Wash your car regularly with a non-abrasive soap or car wash solution to eliminate dirt, dust, and other debris from the film. It would be best if you also rinsed off salt spray or bird droppings that may have accumulated on the film.  Wax the film regularly with a quality wax explicitly designed for paint protection films. This will help keep the finish looking like new while protecting it against UV rays, pollutants, and acid rain. 


For most PPF applications, a low-pressure setting of between 1200-1500 psi and a wide fan pattern should be used. If you use a high-pressure nozzle, stay at least 12 inches away to avoid any lifting of the edges.

Note: After PPF installation, let it settle for 72 hours before the first wash.


  • Do NOT scrub or wipe the film in direct sunlight or when the film is hot

  • Do NOT use abrasive (Polish) cleaners on the film

  • Do NOT use colored car waxes on the film

  • Do NOT use solvent-based degreasers


Your high-quality film takes a whole month to fully cure and reach its peak performance. During this time, you may experience some hazing or condensation of the material.

Note: use only soft terry cloth or microfiber towels on the film!

Is it possible to apply both PPF and Ceramic coating?

If you have already taken advantage of our Paint Protection Film installation services at Wash My Ride, you may think your vehicle's exterior is fully safeguarded from harm. Think again! Our experts will help ensure maximum car care and longevity with XPEL Fusion Plus ceramic coatings to defend against Mother Nature's elements.

At our Calgary, AB detailing shop, XPEL Paint Protection Film and XPEL Fusion Plus ceramic coating installations are nearly weekly occurrences! While both services provide the same benefits, such as resisting staining and fading while enhancing gloss, they offer complete protection. Combining them presents advanced resistance to your car's surface that wouldn't be possible with just one solution.

Get the best of both worlds – shine and protection! Our paint protection film will add a layer of glossy beauty to your vehicle, but why not take it up one more step with an additional ceramic coating? Double up today for maximum depth in visual appeal.

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