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XPELStealth PPF Calgary

Calgary's Authorized Installer For XPEL PPF

Are you looking for a new way to protect your vehicle's paint job?

XPEL STEALTH PPF is designed to keep your vehicle looking effortlessly pristine with a smooth satin finish. Whether matte, frozen, or frosted — this self-healing product provides superior protection against dings and scratches so you can enjoy its sleek look longer. Or why not give your gloss paint an entirely new look with XPEL STEALTH PPF? 

Not only does this protective film preserve the beauty of your car, but it also prevents oxidation from road salts and other elements that could otherwise damage the paint job over time. With XPEL STEALTH PPF on board, you'll have peace of mind knowing that no matter where the journey takes you -- your car will remain well protected! 

Visit our website today and learn more about how XPEL STEALTH PPF can protect your vehicle against dirt and debris!


 The Ultimate
Satin Self-healing PPF

Here is why we love XPEL:

  • XPEL's DAP: "Design Access Platform" is the leading PPF cutting pattern software, and

  • DAP eliminates the need for manual cutting.

  • XPEL's Satin PPF offers Extreme Durability & Protection

  • 10 Years Manufacturers Warranty 

  • Heat Activated Self-Healing Topcoat

  • Edge Seal Technology

  • XPEL Stealth offers a sleek satin finish

  • XPEL STEALTH offers an easy-to-maintain finish

Is it possible to apply ceramic coating to XPEL Stealth?

XPEL Fusion Plus Ceramic Coating is a high-quality, advanced coating that provides superior protection to various surfaces, including automotive paint, wheels, and trim. When applied to XPEL Stealth PPF, the benefits are multiplied, making it an excellent choice for car owners who want to protect their car's paint for years.

One of the primary benefits of applying XPEL Fusion Plus Ceramic Coating on XPEL Stealth PPF is its increased durability. XPEL Stealth PPF is known for its toughness and resistance to scratches, chips, and other damage. However, adding the ceramic coating on top provides an extra layer of protection, making it even more resistant to damage from the elements, such as UV rays, bird droppings, and other environmental contaminants.

Another significant advantage of combining XPEL Stealth PPF with XPEL Fusion Plus Ceramic Coating is the improved appearance of the car's paintwork. The ceramic coating enhances the satin finish of the PPF, making it look richer and more vibrant. Additionally, the ceramic coating provides a hydrophobic effect that causes water to bead up and slide off the surface, making it easier to clean and maintain the paintwork.

Furthermore, the XPEL Fusion Plus Ceramic Coating is highly resistant to chemical damage, which makes it ideal for use in areas with high chemical exposure, such as the lower parts of the car. The coating is also highly resistant to UV rays, which means that it will not fade or yellow over time.

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