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  • Mostafa Mahmoud

3 Ways Dry Steam Cleaning Helps Kill Viruses & Bacteria

Updated: Feb 21, 2022

With flu season upon us, you know how important it is to ensure you and your family's protection from flu-causing viruses and allergens.

A clean environment is a healthy solution, but what you may not know is...

Not all cleaning methods are created equal.

Here at Wash My Ride, we know that traditional cleaning methods do not entirely kill and eliminate viruses and bacteria — which means you and your family are at risk of getting sick.

Unfortunate? Very.

We all know how unforgiving the common cold can be, so how can you protect yourself and your household from catching the flu?

One of the most effective ways to clean and disinfect your vehicle and home is using dry-steam cleaning technology.

Not only does dry steam provide superior cleaning results while saving the environment, but it also protects you and your family from dangerous bacteria and viruses.

How exactly?

Good question.

Here are 3 ways dry-steam cleaning helps kill viruses and bacteria: