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Why Do You Need A Mobile Car Detailing Service?

Updated: Feb 21, 2022

After your house, the second most valuable possession on the list is your car. Glossy and spotless, that is how a car needs to look when you commute around the city. However, keeping your vehicle in that condition is no easy task. Here is where mobile auto detailing Calgary comes into play. It incorporates shampooing and extracting seats, cleaning glass and mirrors, polishing the paint, etc. Even after providing distinct features in our service, most car owners hesitate to choose the service due to price. This blog post will cover all the car detailing services Wash My Ride offers and its numerous benefits.

What Does a Mobile Car Detailing Service Include?

  • Mobile Exterior Car Detailing: An exterior car detailing service makes your vehicle shine by removing dirt and traffic film, as well as removing embedded contaminants, then applying paint protection to the paint (Wax or Sealant).

  1. Two-Bucket Hand Wash- Our experts offer Mobile Auto Detailing in Calgary wash and hand dry the car with specialized products and plush drying towels, including door jambs, car rims, and glass.

  2. Clay Bar Treatment -A clay bar removes embedded contaminants and helps wax adhere appropriately to the paint.

  3. Machine Polishing-It is used to bring back the gloss, treat paint imperfections, remove scratches, and offer a smooth and shiny look.

  4. Wax Or Seal- A layer of wax or sealant is applied to the clear coat to protect the paint from damaging UV rays and corrosive chemicals on our Calgary roads and provide extra gloss.

Full Exterior Car Detailing + 2 Step Paint Correction (Power Polish Calgary)
Full Exterior Car Detailing + 2 Step Paint Correction

  • Mobile Interior Car Detailing: If the outer elegance is for the spectator to gaze and appreciate, the vehicle's interior appeal is admired by the driver and passengers for the majority of the time. Dirt, grime, and stains can build up and damage the car's interior. Let's look at the different steps included in our interior auto detailing (Interior Reset).

  1. Vacuuming-Seats (seams and crevices), cargo area, carpets, and rubber mats

  2. Leather Cleaning and Reconditioning– A high-end leather cleaner is used for removing any build-up. And after the seats are fully dry, a premium leather conditioner is applied to rejuvenate the grain.

  3. Windshield & Windows- Our technicians use the best-quality window cleaners to achieve ultimate clarity and streak-free glass.

  4. Deodorize- Our technicians use a variety of specialized products to eliminate odor.

Interior Car Detailing Calgary
Interior Car Detailing On a Beautiful Tesla



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