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Interior car detailing

Monthly Detail

A Pre-Scheduled Car Detailing Service

We always get asked, “Do you guys offer a maintenance package?” 

Of course, we do! After all, it does not make any sense to get a full detail every time it gets a little cluttered or to get a full interior shampoo for every little stain. Most times, all that you need is a simple vacuum, steam clean, and wipe down. This is what the Monthly Detail car detailing package is all about!

We know that life happens, and we get busy. With so much of your busy life spent in a car, make sure you contact us to maintain it all year round. Life will still be busy but less cluttered... 

...In your car, at least.

Car detailing in calgary done by top rated auto detailers

Monthly Detailing service

Monthly Detail Package:

  • Garbage removal

  • Full interior vacuuming (Excluding cargo)

  • Vinyl trim cleaned & protected

  • Dash/Center console cleaned & protected

  • Streak-free glass

  • Wash Rubber Mats

  • Clean wheels and tires

  • Remove bugs and bird droppings

  • Hand wash vehicle using the 2 bucket method

  • Dry vehicle with a soft microfiber towel

  • Apply a wax for extra shine and protection

  • Clean exterior glass and mirrors

Monthly Detail is a basic but thorough detail and is an essential service for anyone who keeps their vehicle in immaculate condition all year round.

This service does not include any deep cleaning or agitation. If your vehicle has not been cleaned for a long time or has stains or spills that you'd like addressed, then our Interior Reset package is a better option for you. Here at Wash My Ride, we pride ourselves on the highest standards when it comes to car detailing for each and every one of our clients! So no need to overthink it, rest assured your satisfaction is guaranteed.


Prices are based on vehicle size, type and condition.




  • 2 DOOR (AMG GTR)






  • TRUCK (FORD F-150)




  • 3RD ROW (AUDI Q7)

Is this car detailing service for me?

Good question!

Monthly Detail is a highly recommended car detailing service if the following applies to you:


- Your vehicle is a substantial investment, and you need it protected and maintained regularly.

- You just bought a new vehicle and need to ensure it stays clean and maintained but don't have the time to do so. 

- You enjoy the luxury of keeping your car detailed at all times!


  • How long does it take to clean my interior?
    It depends on the size and condition of the vehicle. This process can take anywhere between 3.5 to 4.5 hours. Once we see the condition, we can give you a more accurate time range.
  • Will my car smell like strong chemicals afterwards?
    Absolutely not. We do not use any harsh chemicals and there will be zero trace of strong smelling chemicals. Untill this day, we’ve never had a customer mention anything about a chemical smell. We do have a few options for air freshners and we use a premium brand that will leave your car fresh and ready to impress.
  • What do you use in the cleaning process?
    We use safe bio-degradable cleaners, high pressure steam, a variety of brushes, and machines to thoroughly clean your interior. How we clean an interior is primarily based around the condition it is in and the type of material it is made of. Sometimes it just needs a quick cleaning with a brush, and other times it requires the steamer and extractor.
  • How long does it take for my carpets and seats to dry?
    If the weather is warm with low humidity, your vehicle will be 85% dry by the time we are done. If it’s cold or raining, then it’ll take longer for your interior to dry. Pro Tip: Keep your windows cracked open to prevent condensation on windows while the interior is drying.
  • Can you remove any type of stain?
    Some stains will come off better and easier than others. However, in most cases it depends on the stain type, the material it is on, and how long it has been sitting there. Even with experience and professional tools, we can only clean so much.
  • What if my car is not that dirty?
    If your vehicle has been detailed in the past 3 months, we recommend that you keep your vehicle clean and smelling great with our Interior Express package.
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